Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about MobileCalls, you can check our FAQ. If you can't find your question, please contact us so we can help you!

General Questions

  • Does MobileCalls support my mobile phone?
  • Our unique service works with every mobile device with an UK sim! You don't need an internet connection so no 3G or Wifi is required!
  • As a Virgin Mobile customer, can I use MobileCalls?
  • Unfortunately not, MobileCalls is available for all networks, except Virgin Mobile.
  • As a Lycamobile / Lebara customer, can I use MobileCalls?
  • Unfortunately not, Both Lycamobile and Lebara block MobileCalls because of our cheap rates.

Free Credits

  • Are the credits really free?
  • Yes! All you pay is the standard sms charge to your providing for your text to 88886 containing FREE.
  • What happens when I used my free credits?
  • If you are enjoying MobileCalls, do nothing, we will automatically top-up your MobileCalls balance with £5 when you will have 2 minutes talk time remaining. You can cancel Automatic Top-Up feature anytime, text TOPUP STOP to Short Code 88886.

Calling Credits

  • How can I check my balance?
  • Every time you call the access number 034 4545 9990 you'll hear your balance.
  • How do I know my maximum call duration?
  • When you make a call you'll hear a notification which tells you how many minutes you've remaining for that call.
  • Will my Credits ever expire?
  • No, your Credits will never expire!
  • Can I use my Credits with another mobile number as well?
  • No, you can only use your credits on the mobile phone number you have used to top up.

About Auto-Topup

  • What is Auto-Topup?
  • When your credit runs low you'll receive an automatic text message which will topup your balance with 5 Pounds. With Auto-Topup you'll never run low on balance, neither is your call disrupted!
  • Do I need to enable Auto-Topup?
  • No, after you've received your free credits, Auto-Topup is automatically enabled!
  • How to disable Auto-Topup?
  • If you for some reason don't want our great Auto-Topup feature, simply send a SMS to 88886, containing: TOPUP STOP. Auto-Topup will be disabled immediately.
  • How to re-enable Auto-Topup?
  • If you disabled our Auto-Topup feature but want to enable again, simply send a SMS to 88886, containing: TOPUP ON. Auto-Topup will be re-enabled immediately